Daily UI Challenge - Week 11

February 11th 2020

Well hi there, it’s been a while. Since our last blog, we’ve been modifying our workflow. It’s surprisingly hard being creative every day, and sometimes the vague prompts don’t exactly inspire. But we’re working through it, and working together to figure out a good system. Because of this, our blogs might be sparse here and there. We’re hopping around a bit to keep our minds engaged, and we’ll post a blog when we each have the next set. But no worries, we’ll always be back!

If you like our work on the Daily UI Challenge, you can find our other designs here on the RKKN blog or follow us on dribbble: Lyzzi is here and Cortney is here. Feel free to give us a tweet, too! We always post our blogs there, and you can tweet Lyzzi and Cortney directly to discuss designing, give us feedback, or show us your own work!

Day 44 – Favorites

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 45 – Info Card

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 46 – Invoice

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 47 – Activity Feed

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 48 – Coming Soon

Lyzzi Cortney

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