Daily UI Challenge - Week 6

December 3rd 2019

Welcome to week 6 of the Daily UI Challenge! We hope you’ve all had a fabulous holiday season thus far! I certainly had a packed Thanksgiving week, which is why this post will contain fewer designs than we’ve previously posted, but fear not! That just means next week will include even more fun design work from myself and my exceptionally talented co-worker/Daily UI challenge buddy, Lyzzi.

If you just can’t wait until then, we’ve been posting our latest designs on Dribbble, an awesome community for designers to showcase their work. You can checkout Lyzzi’s page here and mine here. If that isn’t your scene, head over to Twitter and give us a shoutout! We’ll tweet links to our weekly blogs there, and you get in touch with Lyzzi or myself directly to discuss designing, give us feedback, or show us your own work!

But enough with the jibber jabber…here’s our designs from last week!

Day 25 – TV App

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 26 – Subscribe

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 27 – Dropdown

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 28 – Contact Us

Cortney Lyzzi

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