Daily UI Challenge - Week 7

December 10th 2019

Welcome to week 7 of the Daily UI Challenge! Cortney and I have been working hard – we also came to the conclusion that we think it’s better to be having fun and taking our time, rather than pushing through and staying on the ‘daily’ schedule. So if we’re light on images per posts, that’s why!

We’ve been posting our latest designs on Dribbble, an awesome community for designers to showcase their work. You can checkout Lyzzi’s page here and Cortney’s here. If that isn’t your scene, head over to Twitter and give us a shoutout! We’ll tweet links to our weekly blogs there, and you can get in touch with Lyzzi or Cortney directly to discuss designing, give us feedback, or show us your own work!

Anyways, we’ve got some good ones this week. Feel free to peruse!

Day 29 – Map

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 30 – Pricing

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 31 – File Upload

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 32 – Crowdfunding Campaign

Cortney Lyzzi

Didn’t get a chance to check out our designs from other weeks? We got you covered. Click on the links below to take a look:

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