Daily UI Challenge - Week 5

November 19th 2019

Happy week 5 of the Daily UI Challenge! Have you noticed a week’s gap? We decided to take a break after every month in order to give our creativity a rest. But we’re back and better than ever, and ready to show you what we accomplished recently!

If you’re interested in learning more about our progress, follow us on Twitter where we will be posting weekly blog updates with our latest designs. You can also reach out to Cortney or myself directly with any feedback.

Day 20 – Location Tracker

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 21 – Home Monitoring

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 22 – Search

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 23 – Onboarding

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 24 – Boarding Pass

Cortney Lyzzi

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