Daily UI Challenge - Week 2

October 22nd 2019

Welcome to week 2! Lyzzi and I have been plugging away, completing the second week of challenges for the Daily UI Challenge. Though we’re only 2 weeks into the 100 day challenge, we’ve already learned a lot about design concepts thanks to the helpful feedback of our fellow RokkinCats.

You can help us improve too! We will be publishing our designs here in a weekly blog post, so feel free to give us some feedback or play along and show us your design skills. Give us a shoutout tweet RokkinCat or tweet myself or Lyzzi directly with your comments.

Day 6 – Profile Page

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 7 – Settings Page

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 8 – 404 Page

Cortney Lyzzi

Day 9 – Music Player

Cortney Lyzzi

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