Daily UI Challenge - Week 9

January 6th 2020

Wowza, happy 2020! New year, new designs. The holiday break has allowed us to breathe a little, and I think we have a great group of designs this week for the Daily UI Challenge. And we’ve hit a new milestone: 40 designs! Cortney and I have found out the hard way that this stuff is not easy, but we’re enjoying it more and I daresay we’re getting better.

You can find our designs here on the RKKN blog, or follow us on dribbble: Lyzzi is here and Cortney is here. Feel free to give us a tweet, too! We always post our blogs there, and you can tweet Lyzzi and Cortney directly to discuss designing, give us feedback, or show us your own work!

Day 36 – Special Offer

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 37 – Weather

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 38 – Calendar

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 39 – Testimonials

Lyzzi Cortney

Day 40 – Recipe

Lyzzi Cortney

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