About a year and a half ago, RokkinCat started a Slack room in the hopes of improving communication in Milwaukee. As we said then, our goal was to lower the barriers needed to find and talk to people with similar interests across the city. A decent portion of the initial members came from the #devmke IRC channel, so there is a distinct skew towards software. We have made small efforts to try and expand beyond that, and are still looking to improve. If you are aware of a community or organization that is interested in joining, but needs assistance, we’d be more than glad to help. As of now though, we are up to 727 members and 468,000 messages have been sent.

Every week, Slack sends out an email telling us stuff like how many messages were sent, and percentages of each kind (public channel, private channel, or direct message). I thought it’d be interesting to dig in and see what activity has been like since the inception.

The graphs mostly speak for themselves, but growth has been pretty consistent. It appears that most communication is happening during work days, and in private conversations.

While a good number of channels are related to software development topics, there are also popular channels around music, books, houses, games, jobs, and art. If you need an invite, you can get one here!