applications and teach businesses how to use new technologies like machine learning and internet of things.

Our work:

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with Salesforce & Heroku

Consulted on the conversion of a high performance platform API from NodeJS into Elixir with the Phoenix Framework. Pair programmed with Salesforce engineers to improve the quality of their Elixir code and assist in solving engineering problems encountered during the rewrite.

with J.W. Speaker

Built a mobile application for controlling headlamps for off-road vehicles. Communicates over Bluetooth Low-Energy. Included a web application for registering and managing products. Built with Ionic & Elixir

with Telkonet

Helped bring their MVP to market by taking over the development of their high-performance device monitoring & control API written in Python. Migrated from a NoSQL database to use PostgreSQL. Assisted in architectural design & strategy.

with Trico

Assessed the feasibility of using Machine Learning to improve accuracy and speed of analysis. Implemented a Neural Network system for capturing insight from long-term employees and incorporating it into future analysis.

with TAPCO

Built an Electron application to program firmware onto an LTE modem using AT commands over a USB serial connection. The application is used on the production line and the UX is optimized for worker efficiency and accuracy.

With you

Our engineers can help with just about any software project. Get in touch and tell us about what you are working on.

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