What even is a Hack & Tell?

October 8th 2016

Finding the time to work on a personal project can be difficult. We all have busy lives, family, friends and the last thing we want to do is spend a weekend sitting alone staring at our computers. A Hack & Tell is a full day where you get to work on your projects, surrounded by other people also working on projects.

If you get stuck ask the person next to you. If you need inspiration ask the game developers what they are up to. If you get hungry or thirsty we provide breakfast and lunch as well as drinks throughout the day. And don’t worry, there won’t be any recruiters hounding you to “chat”.

At the end of the day you get a chance to show your project off, if you want.

Why do you run these?

The first Hack & Tell was about two years ago and we’ve been running them roughly four times a year. We are very picky about how these kinds of events should be run so we decided to run our own. The founders of RokkinCat met at a Hackathon and we think they are a really great way to work on a project and get to know other developers outside of a professional or educational setting.

Wisconsin has been rated last in the country for startup activity. If we want to see startups, more varied and better places to work in the city we’re going to have to build it together.

We believe our events are a great way to meet new people and find new projects and if you already have an idea and are thinking about starting up find an event organizer we will help anyway we can.

When is the next one?

October 22nd at 9am. And at this event we will announce the dates for the next four events.


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