Our Team

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Nick Gartmann



Interested in simple software, early stage business, and civic-minded technology, and electric bikes.

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Jason Stiebs



Core contributor to Phoenix, loves finding solutions to complex problems, mentoring young engineers, and heat pumps.

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Lyzzi Brooks


Frontend Software Engineer, Product Manager

Loves helping founders' dreams come true. Into ideas, learning, & making cool things. Ask me about my sled dogs!

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Greg Billetdeaux


Software Engineer, Product Manager

Coaches a FIRST Robotics Team. Enjoys reading and gaming. Mobile developer.

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Brendan Pettis


Software Engineer, Consultant

I design and implement scalable applications with modern technologies that span the full stack.

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Sean Lang


Backend Software Engineer, Consultant

Sean can be found rewriting code to fit the latest best practices or digging into a new backend library for a client project. He likes to do things right, but he can also move fast.

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Naomi Yonekura


Backend Software Engineer

Software Engineer who focuses on Elixir backends and SQL databases. Loves cats and to solve puzzles.

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Matthew Schladweiler


Software Engineer, Consultant, Technical Lead

Matthew Schladweiler is a Software Architect with a focus on Front End Technologies.

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Sabrina Stangler


Frontend Software Engineer, Product Manager

Builds products to solve problems, loves a strongly-typed language, and spends free time whiteboarding new ideas.

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Erin Heinz


Frontend Software Engineer, Technical Lead

Angular fangirl who’s into Clean Code principles and modern UX. Can frequently be found gardening, reading or hiking.