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High-Accuracy Engineering

Manufacturing and mechanical engineering companies will often describe their products and services as "High-Precision" which describes that they can manufacture the same product over and over with very little variation. That is great for machine parts, but a software project should never have to be built twice. For software, accuracy is far more important. We take the time and have the expertise to be sure we are building the right thing on the first try. Our accuracy-focused engineering approach is central to every project we work on.

Opportunity Consulting

RokkinCat has eight years of experience working with brand new products and the startup ecosystem. We have become experts in identifying new opportunities available to companies. Whether you have a suite of existing products that you think might benefit from adding a chip or a battery, or you are curious what technology-focused opportunities your strategic team isn't seeing, RokkinCat can help you find new revenue streams, efficiency improvements, and competitive advantages.

Feasibility Study and Conceptual Prototyping

The most common way software projects fail is that they are more complex than anyone predicted at the start. The best way to prevent those types of failures is to build inexpensive prototypes of the most important parts of the project to discover the types of complexity that will be encountered during the real project. RokkinCat are experts at designing and building risk-mitigating prototypes that make projects more predictable.

Smart Machines

Projects to add chips and batteries to existing products like tools, small engines, industrial equipment are notorious for going over budget or failing outright. Those failures are often due to the developers not understanding how the machine gets built or used. Sure, they can put an LTE modem onto the lawnmower, but if they don't teach the assembly line how to install and configure it or work with your accounts department on how to pay for the cell service then the project will be more trouble than it is worth. RokkinCat understands that a successful product is not only one that your customers want, but also one that your company can efficiently produce and support.

Software Salvage

Sometimes a software project will go a little off the rails and it can leave a product in a weird state. Maybe the previous developer left for a different job or the vendor went out of business. Maybe the tech stack it was built on was discontinued by the provider and now you can't make changes to it for fear it might stop working entirely. We love digging into old codebases, figuring out what is worth saving, and getting things working again. They need careful thought, a knowledge of diverse tools, and attention to detail. Like fixing up an old car, we find getting an old app back on its feet can be very satisfying.

Our Tools:

We constantly encourage our engineers to learn new technologies, but here are some of the tools we use most often:

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Don't see your tech stack listed? Contact us to discuss what you're working on and learn what we can do for you.