Daily UI Challenge - Week 10

By Cortney Thomas on January 14th 2020

Can you believe we've already reached the second week of 2020?! Looks like the age-old adage "time flies when you're having fun" remains truthful. Lyzzi and I have had loads of fun plugging away at the different design tasks for the Daily UI Challenge and we're excited to bring you more fresh creations in the new year. This week's post contains 3 new designs and two special animated bonus creations by Lyzzi! Not only is she broadening her design skills, but she's learning to use tools like Figma and CrunchyGIF (developed by our very own Josh Holtz!) to illustrate her work, and what a great job she's done!

If you like what you see, you can find our other designs here on the RKKN blog or follow us on dribbble: Lyzzi is here and I am here. Feel free to give us a tweet, too! We always post our blogs there, and you can tweet Lyzzi and myself directly to discuss designing, give us feedback, or show us your own work!

Day 41 - Workout Tracker

Lyzzi Cortney
Day 41 - Lyzzi Day 41 - Cortney

Day 42 - To Do List

Lyzzi Cortney
Day 42 - Lyzzi Day 42 - Cortney

Day 43 - Food & Drink Menu

Lyzzi Cortney
Day 43 - Lyzzi Day 43 - Cortney

BONUS - Animated File Upload and Food & Drink Menu

Lyzzi Lyzzi
Animated File Upload Animated Food & Drink Menu

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