Hack & Tell #14

By Josh Holtz on January 30th 2018

It was a brisk winter day on January 27th, 2018 when a pioneering group of programmers, designers, and makers decided to make awesome stuff at the 14th RokkinCat Hack & Tell. From 9am to 5pm, more than 15 different projects were built between 75 people. The projects varied widely in scope and domain - people made video games, turned gifs into music, built Arduino applications, and more.

The event was held in the beautiful Ward4 co-working space, who were generous enough to let us hang out in their space all day. Even better, they have already confirmed that they are willing to let us have our next three Hack & Tells there!

The next Hack & Tell dates are:

  • April 21
  • July 21
  • October 13

Here are a few of the projects that got worked on:


A grep-like search tool comparison chart.

beyondgrep.com was made by Andy Lester


VendorTrust sends questionnaires from businesses to their vendors.

VendorTrust was made by Clint Laskowski

Nora's Bubbles

Bubble popping toy app for iOS using ARKit.

Nora's Bubbles was made by Eric Berna

Solar Panel Panic

2D Unity Game with art made using GraphicsGale.

Solar Panel Panic was made by Matthew Martin

[ ♫ parrot wave ♫ ]

Turns gifs into sound!

[ ♫ parrot wave ♫ ] was made by Ryan Bladorn


An Etch-A-Sketch, but electronic!

Elect-A-Sketch was made by Andy Glassman


It is a todo list website made with Elm.

Cards was made by Mitchell Henke


Angular PWA to compare simple air quality data for different cities, using data from the OpenAQ API - started at the previous Hack N Tell, improved today.

cityAQ was made by Jack Koppa

Browser Synth

Audio synthesizer in the browser using Web Audio API.

Browser Synth was made by Sean Anderson

Factorio Calculator

Solves cyclical productions chains for given outputs.

Factorio Calculator was made by Daniel Miller

Arduino Clock

Programmed an Arduino to be an alarm clock that turns on lights at specific times.

Arduino Clock was made by Mike Cymerman


Somewhat easily reconfigure Ionic's config.xml for different environments by running npm run ionic-config <environment>.

ionic-configurator was made by Josh Holtz


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